RT 36 Numbers Meeting 2024

13 - 16 June 2024

RT 36 Numbers Meeting 2024

13 - 16 June 2024

RT 36 Numbers Meeting 2024

We as RT36 Bonn are very happy to host the RT36 Numbersmeeting 2024!

Please register by booking one or more tickets here to make sure we have every information for the organization.

!!!Spoiler Alert!!!
We have a great surprise for you on Thursday night before the Meeting:

We are organizing the “Beethoven Revüe”,  an inclusive evening full of concerts, art, music and film in cooperation with the community of disabled people in Bonn and especially disabled or inclusive artists and bands. #United In Diversity
So if you can make it, you should book the "Premium-Ticket" at no extra charge and arrive a day earlier - on 13th June 2024. You won't regret it!!

Be our guests in the city, where Beethoven was born, where german history took place and where culture meets traditions. With the right mix of german beer, delicious food, culture, party and joy!

Yours in Table

RT36 Bonn



Possible pretour options:

  • RTD 70 years anniversary AGM (to be booked seperately: https://agm2024.de/)
  • Transfer from Hannover to Bonn including stopover in Münster or Dortmund
  • Phantasialand
  • City tours Bonn / Cologne
  • Hiking
  • Homehosting/food/drinks
  • And much more…

If you are interested in a pretour please contact iro_at_36-de.roundtable.world. Individual ideas can and will be taken into consideration!

Day1: Thursday

We would like to welcome you this time already on Thursday with a special programme:

  • Meeting & Registration 
  • “Beethoven Revüe”
    • A unique show with art, music, dance and film. Conceived and produced inclusively. (Community service project of RT36 Bonn based on #RoundTableCulture and in cooperation with the community of disabled people in Bonn)
    • Dresscode: Smart casual or RT-shirt
    • Time: 5pm - 12pm
    • Meeting point: Brotfabrik, Kreuzstrasse 16, Bonn

Day2: Friday

Friday is the original welcome day for everyone, who doesn't arrive on Thursday

  • Service project day (for those who arrived on Thursday)
    • Time: 10am - 12pm
    • Meeting point: t.b.d.
  • Registration
    • Time: 12pm - 4pm
    • Meeting point: Biergarten Am alten Zoll, Brassertufer, 53113 Bonn
  • Welcome Party
    • Opening match of the EURO2024 championship, beer and snacks
    • Dresscode: national football shirt (optional, otherwise RT-shirt)
    • Time: 5pm - 11pm
    • Meeting point: BarRoon, Wilhelm-Levison-Straße 22, 53115 Bonn
  • After-party in Bonn or Cologne
    • Time: 11pm - open end
    • Meeting point: We start together at the welcome party location

Day3: Saturday

Highlight day:

  • RT 36 Numbers Meeting 
    • Dresscode: business casual or RT shirt, regalia
    • Time: 10am - 12pm
    • Meeting point: Villa Leonhart, Hauptstrasse 330, 53639 Königswinter
  • Surprise afternoon activity
  • Gala dinner
    • Floating buffet on the Rhine river, live music by “Elm F. & the Rooks”, cultural presentations of each RT36 club
    • Dresscode: "Carnival" aka black tie
    • Time: 5pm - 11pm
    • Meeting point: Rhine bank
  • After-party in Bonn or Cologne
    • Time: 11pm - open end
    • Meeting point: We start together at the gala location

Day4: Sunday

Party goes on!

  • Farewell brunch
    • Time: 10am - 12pm
    • Meeting point: Home @ Thomas Rüsche, Prinz-Albert-Straße 25, 53113 Bonn
  • Airport transfer

No matter how old you are or which gender you belong to, there is a registration link available for eyeryone:

Register now! Otherwise SaA will fine you. Hard!


In case of questions...

Hotel recommendations

Homehosting (!!!)Your fellow tablernot available
IntercityHotel BonnQuantiusstraße 22, 53115 Bonnbooking.com

Contact details

ConvenorDaniel Lichtpraesident_at_36-de.roundtable.world see TW
HomehostingMichael Endersiro_at_36-de.roundtable.world see TW
Arrival&Departure Michael Endersiro_at_36-de.roundtable.world see TW
Payment Carsten Stuwekassierer_at_36-de.roundtable.world see TW